Creative Gizmos Replacement

Saturday 19th October.

For all the people who were in the Creative Gizmos membership, tomorrow I’m re-creating the principles behind it and opening a new membership. If you haven’t already been cancelled or done it yourself, then do so today.

If you missed it first time round, then the idea is you pay one small monthly fee and get everything I release.

This means at least two products per month but probably more than that as I release quite a lot of new stuff as well as running 48 hour sales on products I’ve already released.

These will be WordPress plugins, themes, scripts and training.

Don’t be surprised if one product per week gets added. 🙂

It’s a pretty good deal.

If you’re one of the people that buy everything I release (happily, quite a few!) then this will be a substantial saving for you.

If you’ve just purchased the Magic Social Blocks plugin at $10, then don’t despair as I’ll either add a discount coupon to your download page, or place a trial membership button on there that will reduce your payment for the first month to just $7.

I’ll also be adding some very nice goodies there for you to get right away so it’s not empty. You may have some of them already and I’ll have some new stuff too in the next few days.

As I have over 100 products in my “stable” already and as I’m quite good at product creation (!) this will be a great place to be a member.

I’m currently mulling over resale rights for some products too as I’ve been asked about this a few times and always been a little reticent about it, but I’ve seen the light. 😉

PLR products can be had of course at

Discounted down to just $17 / month for this weekend it’s one of the best deals I’ve ever done.

It’s such a good deal I would expect most people to join, but of course it’s up to you.

Watch out for an email tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

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Hi Frank

I look forward to joining you new site when you put the link up !

I have purchased many of your great products since you started out with WP themes etc and look forward every month to seeing what you are up next !! So I have finally decided to take the plunge and sign up to your new membership so that i can get my hands on all of your products.

Best of luck with your new venture

Geoff Lord