Content Replacement Plugin

The Content Replacement plugin, allows you to add and remove snippets of HTML, javascript or PHP at a date and time you determine using a simple short code.

This is way more useful than you might think, and in my own case I use it to schedule all of my sales going live and also ending. This is done by setting a start date for the payment button to appear and also an end date for it to remove itself.

Schedule Content Snippets Such As Payment Buttons And Videos


In fact there have been a few times I’ve set a sale up a few days earlier, scheduled the buy button to appear, and also queued up messages in the autoresponder. I can then disappear to go work on something else (or take a couple of days out) and know that it will all run according to plan.

And I also use the Content Replacement plugin to embed all the YouTube videos in my posts and pages. I just create a new snippet and set the time and date to “Any Date” by checking a box and then paste in the embed code and save.


I’ve also used it to add autoresponder sign up forms just by copying and pasting in the HTML form code and then adding the generated shortcode to the page.

You can use it anywhere you want to place any text, HTML, javascript or PHP (ads, images, videos, etc) in your posts and pages.

So what do I think?

It’s a brilliant and essential plugin, possibly the most useful plugin I’ve used.

It gets better though.

As an optional extra for this sale, I’m also going to be including a second plugin that I think complements the Content Replacement plugin.

Scripts Manager Is A Workhorse Plugin

What the Scripts Manager plugin does is save your bacon when you change your theme (amongst other things).

It lets you add javascript and additional PHP code to all the pages and posts on your WordPress driven site. Again this is a lot more useful than it may at first sound.




For example if you’re using a tracking script such as Google Analytics or StatCounter, then you only have two options to add the code to the whole of your site.

Amend the theme directly to add the tracking code. Or better still, just activate Scripts Manager and paste the code in there.

The nice thing about Scripts Manager is that if you then later change your theme, the tracking code remains active.

If you’d chosen to amend your theme directly, then you’d have to remember to re-add the code into the new theme, which can sometimes be more difficult than it seems.

The second nice thing about Scripts Manager is you can also override the code on individual pages and posts. So for example if you had some special code that you only wanted to be run on a certain page or pages, then you can just add it to those and not to the whole site.

It supports five different types of code addition to your pages which should just about cover all your needs. These are all handled slightly differently by WordPress and so the need for five.

i) Header javascript
ii) Header PHP
iii) Footer javascript
iv) Footer PHP
v) “Onload” javascript (only loads after the page is completely drawn)


Together both plugins are a great addition to your arsenal, and in my case they’re essential. Both have saved me some major headaches in the past and continue to do so.

You can get the Content Replacement plugin for just $10, or optionally get both plugins for $17 while this sale is active.


-Frank Haywood

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Kevin Polley

Hi Frank,

Now these are most certainly very handy to have 🙂
Does this launch offer come with resale rights to the plugins?