First…! 😉

Greetings from Germany

Jason Anderson

Frank, I love your stuff…

Wasn’t exactly sure what this plugin “really” does but I couldn’t help myself with the nickle sale. Just purchased. I’ll play with it and come back later with some usage comments.

Thanks Frank!

Jason Anderson

CJ from Article Writing News

Okay, time for a dumb question…
I have the plugin installed and have 2 gifts set up, emails prepared.

How do I tell my readers? Is this something I would tell then at the end of each post?
Or announce in my newsletter?


What are your suggestions?

Loving this so far, BTW!

Frank Haywood

@CJ from Article Writing News:

The way I see it you have two or three choices. 🙂

Either you wait untl they comment, because then it’s a rare and happy surprise for them (I think this is the way I’m going to go to begin with), or you could put something in the comments section of your blogs.

Your third choice is you could put something in the sidebar that lets people know such as “I reward good comments – why not leave one now to see what happens?”

That last one would certainly have me feeling a little inquisitive. 😉

And yeah, why not tell your mailing list too? For sure it wouldn’t hurt.