Plugin Great Membership

The first year of the Plugin Great membership is about to come to an end in a few days, and I think it’s all gone rather well.

My wife suggested I run a special to mark this first year, so starting today at 6.00pm GMT and for a further 48 hours I’m offering the same stunning launch deal as I did last year.

If you’re a new subscriber, then the deal is you pay either an annual or a monthly fee and you then get all my plugins and themes as I release them included.

That means that from today at 6.00pm GMT and then for 48 hours you can join up for just $17 / month (normally $27) saving yourself $10/month.

But better than that is the annual option at $97 / year (normally $147).

That’s less than half the price of monthly and saves you $107 over the year.

In other words it works out to just a smidgeon over $8 per MONTH for access to a big back catalogue of plugins PLUS all other plugins and themes I release for 12 months from when you join.

If you buy the annual membership deal.

Pretty cool I think.

I don’t mind which one you go for – it’s entirely up to you – but these membership options are a one-off. This is because in 48 hours I’m putting the annual price back up to $147, and the monthly to $27.

If you’re one of the many people who buy almost everything I release, then the annual option is the best one for you, but if you prefer to pay monthly and see “how it goes” that’s okay too.

Either one beats the $10 per PRODUCT option.  😉

When the 48 hours is up I’ll raise the prices and close the deal.

You can find out all the details here on the sales page, please remember this starts at 6.00pm GMT…

And if you have any questions about this, then please ask them here.

-Frank Haywood

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Dynamic Contest Creator Plugin

Update: The sale for the Dynamic Contest Creator plugin is live at just $17.00.

It will eventually rise to $27, so now is probably the best time to get it.

Buy now


Demo contest here. Please note this ISN’T a real competition.  😉

Here’s a list of features.

o Optional list building via autoresponder service integration.
o Optional gathering of name and email addresses via plugin.
o Set date/time for contest start, end, and award announcements.
o Set the number of winners.
o Optionally restrict to WP subscribers only.
o One entry per user, IP address controlled.
o Unique referring link for each user to promote.
o Full customisation of all text fields including error messages.
o Optionally upload your logo and product images.
o Built in product image slider.
o Add your own question and answers.
o Four different template layouts.
o Six colour themes.
o Thirty-seven great looking fonts built in.
o Optionally set your own background image.
o Contestant sharing via optional social network integration:

– FaceBook
– Twitter
– Google+
– LinkedIn
– Tumblr
– Pinterest
– StumbleUpon
– Digg

o Contestant sharing by email and referral link.
o Winner selection via button click.
o Email send to winners.
o Fully loaded statistics section.


It’s a HUGE plugin that helps you list build by running competitions where the winners are those who refer the most other entrants to you. I would also recommend that you give every entrant at least something so that everybody wins.

We all like to win stuff, right?

In other words you’re adding a touch of excitement to what would normally be a giveaway list building exercise that normally isn’t there.

You’ve probably seen this kind of thing done on TV where a gameshow will advertise a competition in the ad break. The questions are so easy that hardly anyone ever gets them wrong, and often they’re multiple choice to make it even easier.

As for the competitions themselves, they’re impossible not to get the question right. 😉

With the Dynamic Contest Creator plugin, if the entrant selects the wrong answer, they’re told right away so they can have another go.

When they finally get the right answer, they’re asked for their name and email address, and I would also suggest that you tell them to start sharing the competition with their friends via the social networks and through email. They get a unique referring link to enable them to do this.

So there’s two key aspects to this plugin, but it’s up to you if you use them both.

#1 – Optional – Give everyone a prize. We all like to win stuff.
#2 – Give the people with the most referrals something extra.

Once you have their name and email address, then you can send them emails to get them to promote the competition, and even enhance it by adding in unadvertised prizes to build the excitement.

And of course, you can send your new list promotional offers for which you are an affiliate.

Everybody wins, and that’s the kind of thing I like, and I hope you do too.

I’ll get some tutorial videos up on Monday and cover each section in turn. Don’t worry though, it’s very much self-explanatory and a few minutes experimentation and you’ll know your way around it.

-Frank Haywood

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Promo Tools Plugin for WordPress

Update: The sale for the workhorse Promo Tools plugin is now live at just $27.00.

Personal Use Rights - $27

Buy now

You can optionally purchase Private Label Rights to this plugin on this page only for $47.

Private Label Rights - $47

Buy now


Demo Page Here

The Promo Tools Plugin Will Work With Multiple Saleable Items On A Single Site – ie Many Promo Tools Pages

If you’re a product creator / owner (if not, why not?) then it’s likely you’ll be running an affiliate scheme. In order to get affiliates to promote for you, you want to make their lives as easy as possible.

If it’s difficult (or even just a little bit of trouble) they won’t bother and you’ll lose out on many sales you could have picked up – it’s as simple as that.

There are many affiliate schemes I’ve walked away from because they either required you to jump through hoops, or the approval process was lengthy. There are plenty more fish in the sea is the way I look at it and I reckon lots of other people feel the same.

I think that’s reasonable.

In order to make an affiliate’s life easy, one of the things you should do is provide them with the tools they need to do their job.

And the way you do that is to create a set of banners, links, and “swipe” copy emails, articles and blog posts. In other words, you do all the work once so that none of your affiliates have to.

They just join your affiliate scheme, choose which promo tools they want to use and away they go.

If you can cut their time down from several hours to a few minutes then you’re doing it right and the chances of them continuing to promote for you are high.

Better still, if you’re using a self-hosted affiliate script then just think of all those nice backlinks you’re going to get from affiliates doing their thing. Even if they don’t generate a single sale, you’re still getting all that link love.

IF you make it easy for them.

The Promo Tools plugin lets you do that.

With it you can create multiple “groups” and multiple tools per group.

What that means is you can allocate a group to a single saleable item, and provide multiple promo tools.

The plugin itself doesn’t care what kind of tools you create, and as long as you understand some basic HTML (eg:- p, a, strong, br) then that’s about all you need.

Like me you can have multiple items for sale on a single site, and create lots of different promo tools pages for each saleable item.

Once you’ve done your bit in the plugin, you end up with a group short code that you paste onto the relevant promo tools page for the saleable item.

The page then gets auto-populated with all the tools you’ve created for that item.

The plugin is as simple as can be while still retaining the maximum amount of flexibility.

I think when you’ve seen that, you’ll want the plugin.  😉

The sale goes live Sunday 19th January at 2.00pm GMT (9.00am EDT) and will run for a couple of days.

As I said above, you can pick up a personal use copy for as many blogs as you personally own ($10), or you can opt for the PLR version which you can rebrand and sell as if it were your own plugin ($47).

The PLR version includes documentation in Open Doc format, screen captures and a sales page. With a little bit of work you can have it up and on sale in a couple of hours or less.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. The normal sales page for the Promo Tools plugin can be found here, but don’t buy from that page as it’s on sale there at $27.00.

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Magic Locker Plugin

Update: The sale for the very cool Magic Locker plugin is now live at just $12.50 for the first 25 copies.

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Today, Thursday 14th November at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EDT) I’m releasing a plugin called Magic Locker.

The idea with this plugin is you let readers view MOST of your content on a page or post but withhold some of it until they share or like the page on a social network.

This will generate MORE traffic, MORE subscribers and MORE customers.

That’s the basis of it, but let’s look at this in more detail.

Some people won’t like what you’ve done and won’t share your page if they don’t know part of what it is that they’re sharing.

So why not give them some alternatives?

There are some built into Magic Locker that should satisfy everybody.

You can optionally make them wait a number of seconds you define and the content will reveal itself.

Or you can tell them that if they become a WP subscriber then all content on your site will be unlocked. If you have a membership plugin then you could get them to join the membership and with most membership plugins it also makes them WP subscribers too.

And here’s something I’m going to be doing myself. Wait for it…

If you have something to sell, then give people a choice to get it for less IF they’ll share the page.

So put your product up with a buy button for say $27, and tell your visitors they can get $10 off just for sharing the page. Then either put a second buy button or a discount code if your script supports it.

Cool idea eh? Watch me start using it on all my sites.

Giving people a simple either/or choice always works.

Those that don’t want to share it will pay the higher price – them’s your rules – and those that don’t mind will go ahead and share it and get the very nice discount thank you very much!

It’s a win-win either way, and we all like that don’t we?  😉

You can also lock all sorts of content, not just text. Images and videos can be locked too, as well as payment buttons and coupons. I have another idea that I need to test out first, and I’ll share it with you when I’m ready.


The sale starts today 14th November at 6.00pm GMT, and you can do one of two things.

#1 – Be one of the first 25 people to get the plugin at the starting price of $12.50.

#2 – Join the Plugin Great Membership and get AT LEAST two new plugins, themes or scripts every month for one fixed price that won’t hurt your pocket. Many happy customers have already taken and are enjoying this option.

In reality, as I release so many products and also run weekend sales the chances are high that you’ll get 3 new products per month in the membership. As I write this I have five other plugins almost ready for release with several more in various stages of development all of which I’d like to release before the end of the year.

Becoming a member is the perfect way to never miss out on a product release of mine again.

And it’s cheaper too.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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Magic Shortcodes

Update: The sale for the Swiss army knife of plugins Magic Shortcodes for WordPress is now live and is currently $15.00. The price will rise in 24 hours to $17 and again 24 hours after that before closing, so why not snag it now at the lowest price? 🙂

Included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

Buy now


Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m releasing a new plugin called Magic Shortcodes, and there’s no two ways about it, it’s a must-have. It does so much that I think a good description of it is that it’s like a Swiss army knife.

You just pull out the tool you want and use it.

It works by adding pre-made pre-defined shortcodes to your posts and pages. These shortcodes do different things such as adding Google maps, recent Tweets, and YouTube videos.

Plus a whole lot more. The available pre-set shortcodes are:-

  • Headline
  • Heading
  • Frame
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Spoilers
  • Service Box
  • Colour Box
  • Buttons
  • Quote
  • Pullquote
  • Simple Testimonial Box
  • Highlight
  • Labels
  • Fancy Links
  • Dropcaps
  • Colour Notes
  • Message box
  • Styled “Definition” List
  • Flexible Columns
  • YouTube Video Inserter
  • Google Maps
  • Recent Tweets

By that very long list I hope you can see why I’m thinking of it as an all-in-one tool. 😉

For many of the shortcodes you can choose different styles and colours too, so you’re not stuck with just one of each, there’s some flexibility built in there too.

It’s difficult to describe what all the shortcodes do but they’re easy enough to work out, so I created an overview video which shows you the kind of thing you can do with them.

The sale starts today 2nd October at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) at just $10 for the next 24 hours. Then the price starts to increase every 6 hours after that. This is your opportunity to get the Magic Shortcodes plugin today at the lowest price it will ever be.  🙂 [br][br]

-Frank Haywood

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