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Delayed Widgets

Update: The sale is now LIVE and is currently $17.00.

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This Friday I’ll be releasing a new plugin called “Delayed Widgets”.

What it does is modify ALL of your existing widgets by inserting a timer delay in seconds to the bottom of every one.  When the delay is reached, the widget reveals itself by “unfolding” itself in the sidebar.

“Why?” I hear you ask…

Well, consider this.

I’ve said this before – one of the biggest problems for a marketer is getting and retaining attention from site visitors.  Anything you can do without being too “in your face” (and driving them away) is going to be a benefit to you.

By careful use of widgets that remain hidden until the right moment, you can improve your chances of a subscription, or a sale, or whatever it is you want your visitors to do on that particular page.

This is because the human eye is drawn to movement.

To perfectly illustrate this, a few moments ago before I sat down to write, I was gazing out of the back of the house when a bird I hadn’t seen took off from one of the bushes.

My attention was instantly on it.  It’s as if my conscious mind had no choice than to look at it.

If the bird had remained unmoving, I simply wouldn’t have noticed it.

As marketers, we can turn this peculiarity of the human eye and brain to our advantage.

For example, if you take a look at the top of this blog, you’ll see that my main subscriber sign up box (in the sidebar top right) reveals itself a few seconds after the rest of the page has been drawn.

Me doing this now makes it impossible for any visitor not to notice it.  😉

Even if they don’t act on it, they have surely seen it and it’s in their awareness as is the offer.  All done without a pop-up.

Even better is that you can do this with ANY widget you want particular attention focussed on.

So say you’re running a promotion as an affiliate and you have a time sensitive ad that you want people to see more than anything.  If you just run it as a “regular” ad on your blog, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is, there’s a good chance it isn’t going to be noticed.

But if the visitors landing page draws itself, and then a few seconds later your ad appears in the sidebar, it WILL be seen.

This new plugin improves your chances of the stuff you WANT to be seen to actually BE seen by modifying all your existing widgets.

This coming Friday (18th Feb) at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), the Delayed Widgets plugin will go on sale at a starting price of $10.00 for the first 50 sales.

-Frank Haywood

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How To Create 3D eCovers For Free

With this service I’m about to show you, apart from personal use, you could also start your own 3D ecover business.

Even if your graphical skills are as pitiful as mine.  😉

This short video on how to create 3D eCovers for free has been on my list of things to do for a little while now, but I could never find an appropriate time to do it.

It shows you how to use a free 3D ecover creation service which also has a paid upgrade option.

Essentially you get a choice of five different ecovers for free, and if you decide to upgrade for a paltry $9 / month you get access to a whole pile of other 3D eCovers – an additional 36 eCover types making 41 in all.

It’s well worth checking out.

But before you watch the video, then I would appreciate it if you clicked this link which – yes – is indeed my affiliate link for the service I’m about to show you in the video.

You don’t have to, it would just be nice of you.  🙄

[mc id=”1139″ type=”video”]How To Create 3D eCovers For Free[/mc]


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Two for one PLR

Today I open the doors of my new PLR Membership which is now offering TWO products for the price of one.

Yep, rather than just make the two for one deal an introductory offer, I figure I can supply you with two brand new products each and every month from the following:-

  • Packs of beautifully designed sales page / squeeze page templates.
  • Beautiful business oriented WordPress themes.
  • Very useful WordPress plugins.
  • Standalone PHP scripts.

And if you’re EITHER one of the first 50 people to sign up, OR you sign up within the first 48 hours then you’ll be able to get in at an unbeatable $20 per month.

That is just $10 per brand new high quality product with full Private Label Rights, which I believe is unheard of?  Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Now then. I planned to open the doors at 6.00pm GMT tonight, but I can’t now do that because I have a hospital appointment to attend.  I could open tomorrow, but I’ve spent the last few days saying I’d open today, so that’s what I’m going to do.

But I’m pushing the time back to 8.30pm GMT (3.30pm EST), possibly 30 minutes after that.

It all depends on what time I get back as to what time I open the door, as we have the mother-in-law coming to tea as well, so it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped.

That’s life though eh?  You plan and plan to no avail.  😉

So let’s recap.

#1 – New PLR membership opens at 8.30pm GMT (3.30pm EST).
#2 – Two products for the price of one.
#3 – $20 for the first 50 people to join.
#4 – It’s a flaming bargain!

Watch for a post on my blog later today, and another email announcing it’s officially open.

-Frank Haywood

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New PLR Membership – What’s The Difference?

I’ve had a number of people ask me privately what the difference is between PLR Code Mine and my new PLR membership opening tomorrow.

There are two main differences.

First and foremost, the new membership is 100% owned by me and the products will be created by my employees.

For PLR Code Mine, I was just the “front man” of a 50-50 deal with James Cunnington who is now the sole owner of PLR Code Mine.

James has pretty much been running PLR Code Mine since at least June (or even earlier) this year.  So product delivery, support, response and updates etc have all been down to him.

If you’ve been happy with product delivery, support, response and updates, then you’ll continue to be happy at PLR Code Mine.  So there you go, I think that’s fairly clear now, okay?

Secondly, my new PLR membership won’t just be about web scripts and software.  I’ll be rotating, mixing, and matching packs of sales page templates, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and I guess the odd standalone PHP script thrown in here and there.

All of these will be created by my employees with none of it outsourced to third parties, which I’ve discovered isn’t such a good idea.  We all live and learn, and this was a great little (and painful) learning point for me.  🙄

So each month as part of the membership I’ll be giving you at least one of the following.

  • Packs of beautifully designed sales page / squeeze page templates.
  • Beautiful WordPress themes – you’ve seen some of them already as Multiple Streams Themes.
  • Very useful WordPress plugins – you’ve seen the quality of the plugins I release.
  • Standalone PHP scripts.

As part of the introductory offer tomorrow, I’ll also be including PLR to the Redirection WordPress plugin I included as part of the Multiple Streams Theme 003 last week.

It’s a good deal, especially when you see the introductory price.  I’d certainly buy it if it was presented to me, and I’ve become very choosy recently.  😉

Finally, support will be done by the same staff that are creating the products, so you’ll be getting knowledgeable and definitive answers to your questions.  All of this feedback will go back into the loop to make things better for the future, which you have good reason to look forward to.

-Frank Haywood

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Screenshots For Sales Page Design PLR

As promised yesterday, here are a couple of screenshots of the first sales page design of five that I’m offering Private Label Rights to, together with PLR to the Redirection plugin for WordPress.

The PLR membership opens Friday.

Note that the bulk of the text on these demo images is in fact plain text that you can edit with Notepad, Dreamweaver, Front Page etc – you don’t need a graphics program to amend it.  Even though some of the text looks as if it’s graphical in nature, that effect has been achieved by the clever use of CSS styling.

Okay, first a general overview of the first sales page design.  The “thumbnail” image has been heavily compressed and is at 75% to save bandwidth, but it should give you good idea of what’s going on with the design.

Right Click and choose “View Image” to open it full size.

And now a clip from the top of the page to show the CSS styled drop shadow effect.

No, the text and drop shadow aren’t graphical, it’s all done via CSS.  Cool huh?


When you join the new PLR membership on Friday, you’ll get Private Label Rights to FIVE of these sales page designs, plus as a sweetener, PLR to the Redirection plugin I included with the Multiple Streams Theme 003 last week.

Each month you’ll get PLR to either a five-pack sales page bundle, a WordPress plugin, or a WordPress theme.  If I get workable suggestions for other product types, I’ll do those too.

I’m sure you can see it’s an extremely good deal.

More news tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

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