Misleading Amazon Product Reviews

I don’t quite know how I ever missed this.  Amazon are lumping together product reviews for completely different products.  This renders the Amazon product reviews TOTALLY USELESS. I noticed this while looking for a replacement monitor/TV for one of my … Continue reading

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BIG Spelling Mistakes

Okay this has nothing to do with what I’d normally write about on this blog, but I do have a “thing” about spelling and grammar. Now we all make typos from time to time (I do) and spell checkers are … Continue reading

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Something Tiny Blew My Mind

About three weeks or so ago – since my last blog post really I suppose – my brain decided to turn off for a bit. I couldn’t concentrate, think straight, or even start a sentence. My memory, poor as it … Continue reading

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A Personal Update

I’ve been largely missing the last couple of weeks.  Only those customers asking for support will have really seen much of me. There are two reasons. #1 – I’ve been helping Alex Jeffreys get his new site together, and it’s … Continue reading

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The Problem With Sweatshops

You know what?  Sometimes when I need it most, the right thing comes to me. In this case, feeling sorry for myself because I’m over tired and feeling over worked, I came across an article that’s blown away many of … Continue reading

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