I’m Outing Myself – The Positive Side

I’ve had more than a little problem putting this together – I intended letting this out on Saturday and I’ve had to put it back. I knew it might be a bit difficult, and it has been.  I ended up … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Having Good Staff

I’m back. Sorry, what was that?  You didn’t know I’d been away?  Good.  I’ve been ill for the last two and a bit weeks, and I’ve hardly been online, but now I’m back.  I’m glad to say that the business … Continue reading

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I’m Not Overseas – You Are

Or… How To Alienate 30% Of Your Subscribers I just received an email from a well known marketer (I’m on a LOT of mailing lists) that referred to me as an “overseas person”. It struck me as disconnected and dumb.  … Continue reading

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It Never Fails To Amaze Me

Human behaviour – the amount of people who read something but don’t absorb the information that’s there in black and white and instead choose to apply their own take, often wrong. What’s that all about?  What’s going on there? I … Continue reading

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