Butterfly Marketing by Mike Filsaime

After buying and then reading the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript TWICE yesterday, I went and bought the full bundle today.  I just felt that after reading, I couldn’t miss out on the software, especially having seen (and bought from) sites that were built with the Butterfly Marketing scripts.

I’m NOT saying that the manuscript is an advert for the software, far from it, but I felt I couldn’t do without the software after experiencing BM sites from a customer point of view, and especially after reading the book. 

So this afternoon, I shelled out and bought the full package.  I’ve spent the last couple of hours converting a site I was building for a new software product to use the Butterfly Marketing script.  I haven’t finished yet, but I must say it seems a lot easier using this than the previous script which I had purchased as an "instead of" BM.

That other script is called the Motivated Marketing System and comes with a nice little bundle of goodies, I’ll do a review of that another time.  Maybe I’ll make it a comparitive review against BM.  The output is similar in many ways, but the behind the scenes function is very different, and there’s something I’ve found out about MMS that I’ve not seen posted anywhere else.

Back to BM.

It really is VERY cool.  If you’re a bit of a geek like me, you’ll find that it’s an impressive script.

Now I jumped straight in with both feet and started using it by trial and error, but it wasn’t too much of a trial as everything is fairly clearly labelled.  In retrospect, what I really should have done is have a good look at the BM members site, because there are a truckload of videos there on everything from the function of the software right down to how to construct a web page with HTML. 

It also goes as far as explaining blogs and RSS feeds, split testing, writing an ebook, formatting an ezine, plus a pile of other things I’ll bring up when I do my review.  Wow!  Extreme VFM (Value For Money), and the amount of content is a bit scary.  It’s almost as if you don’t need to purchase any other training as it’s all here.

I’m going to ask my wife to go through all the videos at her own pace as she wants to know a lot more about the technical side, but we find it difficult to both sit down together at the same time so I can teach her.  (We have children!)

This is truly a quality package, and well worth the asking price. 

Give me a couple of weeks to write a review, and maybe I’ll do my own tutorial for my members, building a site from scratch.

If you can’t wait, and I really can’t blame you if you can’t, then just go and get the full Butterfly Marketing package.

LINK ~ Butterfly Marketing

Posted by Frank Haywood