Buses Always Come In Threes

At least they do in the UK.

You spend ages waiting for one and then they all turn up together.

I’ve been waiting in what seems like a decent new product drought for months, and then along come not one, but FOUR new products I want to tell you about. They’re all great in different ways, and I don’t want to spoil it for any of them by promoting them all at the same time and causing any confusion.

Ironically, the other day I wrote about people complaining because I send out too many emails, when the truth is I hardly send out any at all when you compare it to most of the mailing lists I’m on.

Well, right now I feel like I want to send you 4 emails a day.

I can’t help but get excited when there’s good stuff arrives. It’s just such a rare occasion compared to the 98% of the time that I see drivel being promoted undeservedly.

So when I find something good, I get “all jumpy and downy” and I WANT to tell you about it. 😉

The most exciting at the moment (and sheer overwhelming value for money) is this:-


or if you prefer videos to long sales copy, this:-


Personally I prefer long sales copy, but I know lots of people prefer videos, so why not have a choice?

On top of that there’s been an update to a nice little script I promoted a few weeks ago, and I really want to tell you about that too.

Next up is a really cool product about eBay affiliate marketing. Excellent stuff.

And maybe the cream of the crop (and something I grabbed access to yesterday at launch) is a new autoresponder service which I have NO DOUBT is going to firmly kick the butt of both A weber and Get Response.

The existing services have always harped on about deliverability and has been the one reason that many marketers have used them. Well this autoresponder service is set to offer just as high a deliverability rate as either of the other two. The owner has spent the last 12 months making sure that ISPs know about him and it and ensuring that emails get through their network filters.

This new service is so good I’ll be:-

#1 – Flipping all my mailing lists over to it.
#2 – Building tight integration into it through all my products (where appropriate).

In fact I spent about 3 hours yesterday chatting with the owner and also with Paul about both the “Web Service Integration” it offers and the built in API.


An API. Woohoo!

API means “Application Programmers Interface”. What *that* means is that developers will be able to write their own code to do things *like* remotely move subscribers from one list to another without the subscriber having to do anything or even being aware.

So for instance, you might start with a prospect on a prospects mailing list, and then when they buy you can automatically move them to the customers mailing list. Or at least the script can do it for you automatically if the developer has programmed it in.

That is incredibly useful to be able to do.

We intend to make sure the next version of SmartDD will have the integration built in, and also our upcoming Content Management System (CMSA). (By the way – we may rename SDD and release it as a completely new product, yeah I know, lots of changes though and it really deserves a new product name so we can give it a proper launch.)

And if you use a bit of imagination, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer free content on a membership site to people as long as they stay on your mailing list? The deal would be that in return you get to promote various offers to them. If they unsusbcribe, they automatically lose access.

Well you can do that with this new service. You can’t do that with Aweber because there’s no API.

Well, I’ll be playing with the autoresponder over the next few days, and when I know my way round it, I’ll tell you all about it.

What I’ll likely do is create new mailing lists and slowly replace my existing sign up forms with the new one. It’ll be a bit fiddly for a while, but well worth it in the long run.

More on that next week.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Vern Brown

This is a ‘very interesting’ post! I am really interested in the “new autoresponder” and what the specs are. Looking forward to more “stuff”…

Frank Haywood

Hi Vern,

Aha! Thanks for reminding me. I sent an email out about this a few days ago but I forgot to follow it up with a blog post about it. I’ll do that, but in the meantime here’s the link to the service:-


Incidentally, this has generated WAY more interest than I thought it would and I’ll definitely be promoting it further as it’s an extremely cool service.

I’ve been told there are some interesting changes coming to it soon which will make it even better than it is now, and it’s already much better than the competition.

It’s probably better to get in early while the price is still low. 😉


It certainly will give Aweber a run for their money. In fact the price for a list of under 10,000 is cheaper than Aweber and I guess Get Response so that would make it ideal for newbies building their lists.
Paying for an autoresponder service seems like a big expense when you are just starting out.

Looks as though it has a lot of great facilities. I might even think about changing over myself. Thanks for the info.