Allllll right! $6.97 – first time being first, and for such a cool plug-in. Thanks Frank!

Frank Haywood



Hi Frank,

thanks – once more an awesome wordpress plugin!


Paul Chilvers-Grierson

Hi Frank,

How ironic – I had my eye on the clock just before 6.00 p.m., then I got distracted by the HTML editor in WordPress (3.0.1) mucking me up and by the time I remembered at 6.05 p.m. the price was already up to $8.72!

Anyway, I bought it and tried to upload from WordPress so I could use it on the post I was just working on (http://www.paulchilversgrierson.com/86/plr-article-membership-site-the-new-gold-standard/) but it wouldn’t upload.

I FTPed it manually and activated it, but got this:

>The plugin generated 2 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.<

I returned to my draft post, the editor appearance had not changed, so I looked under settings, but just found News (which contained lots of Lorem ipsum etc.).

Tried deactivating and reactivating and got the same warning as above, returned to Edit Post, no change.

So I hit publish anyway, and will come back to pretty it up later hopefully once the plugin is doing as it should, i.e. once the initial teething problems have been sorted.

I'll watch this space for fixes at your end!

Kiwi in South West Scotland

Frank Haywood

@Paul Chilvers-Grierson:

You’re right, it IS awesome, but I want to make it awesomer 🙄 with some additional styles.

When testing, we came across a couple of bugs, including one where it completely wrecked the theme layout (the one I use on this site), but we eventually pretty much thought we’d got all those wrinkles ironed out.

If you haven’t already, raise a support ticket at http://support.plugingreat.com together with your FTP and WP admin panel login details and Edesa the developer will sort it out for you. It’s probably just some little tweak she needs to make to fix it and then we’ll put that fix back into the plugin to make it better.


Hi Frank,

Great plugin once again and love it already.

Have a couple of bugs to report but don’t see the department on the support system for it – could you please creat one/


Frank Haywood


Sorry about that. Done, and I’ve also explained to the support desk staff how to do that for all the others too.


I purchased Big Ed during the nickelsale and have it running on a few blogs now. Very cool, works as promised and looks pretty nice. Also i purchased the nickelsale script once myself and can recommend it. Frank has some very good scripts and plugins. I can also recommend his Widgets In It plugin which is absolutely great!

@Frank: only thing i haven’t tested yet is to bring the Johnson boxes into a widget so i can use it in my sidebar. Will this feature be implemented or have i just overlooked it? 🙂 [shortcodes?]

Frank Haywood


What a cracking idea, although I’m not sure if it’s possible given how the plugin works. Maybe we could do a separate plugin that works with the sidebar as part of the bundle.

I’ll pass this onto Edesa the developer to see what she has to say.


Hi Frank,

Is your Plugin Great! Help Desk! working yet because sent a couple of urgent tickets and not heard anything back from you yet.