Update:  The Big Ed Nickel Sale is now live and you can get to it here:-



Tomorrow, 16th September, I’m going to run a nickel sale for my latest WordPress plugin.

My wife took one look at it and said “Ooh! I WANT that on my blogs!” and I  think you will too.

There’s not been a lot of notice for this nickel sale I know, and I’ve been keeping this “under my hat”, but it’s now all done and I’d like to get it out there right away.  (And I like to reward those people who pay attention to what I’m doing by giving them the best possible price.)

This new plugin adds additional features to the built in TinyMCE editor that comes with WordPress, and we’ve nicknamed it “Big Ed”.  😉

Apart from expanding the capabilities of the default WordPress editor, we’ve also added a few extra features that we’re very confident you’ll find incredibly useful.

And while it sounds innocent enough, wait until you see what it can do.

By default, the buttons you get with the WordPress editor look like this:-

And you can also then press the “Kitchen Sink” button to get some additional toolbar buttons:-

So that your toolbar would then look like this with the other buttons enabled:-

Now what happens when you install and activate Big Ed?

Well…  You get to see this:-

You might have seen something like this before, and there are other plugins that do a similar thing, but we went a step further and added some very special formatting tools.

For instance, now you can add three new styles to your posts in the form of Johnson boxes, graphical bullets, and graphical separators.

First, here’s an example of one of the Johnson box styles you can add.  We’ve included a selection in a mix of styles and widths, making 9 altogether.  This isn’t a screenshot you’re looking at, this is the plugin in action and the text in this box is selectable – try it.

Next, how about some separators? There are 10 in 3 different widths making 30 altogether.  Here are some examples…

First, Green Shade:-


Next, Dashed Blue:-


And now Dotted Red:-


Finally, how about some graphical bullets? There are 6 different bullet styles you can use.

  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.

And here’s another example of bullets.

  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.

And some more.

  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.

In time we’ll add some more styles to the plugin, but I’m sure you can see there’s a very nice selection available already.

Okay, that’s enough detail for now.

Tomorrow (16th September) at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’ll be running a nickel sale for this plugin, starting at just $6.97.

Just in case you don’t know what a nickel sale is, it’s a rising price sale where the price increases by a small amount – in this case a nickel.  The sooner you buy, the lower the price.  If you wait too long before purchasing and decide to buy later you might find that it’s then twice the price it was when you looked at it earlier.

A starting price of $6.97 means the first 20 buyers will get it at under $8.00.  The first people to buy get the better deal, and typically the first 100 sales occur in the first hour.

-Frank Haywood

P.S.  If you’re not sure of the time zone I’m in and you want to check the time here, you can see the current time in my time zone (GMT) underneath the photo of me in the sidebar.