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Even though I’ve sold more than 700 almost 1,000 copies of Big Ed, I still get stopped dead in my tracks when someone asks me how to do something in WordPress that I know Big Ed will do for them.

If you don’t yet have it and you’re wondering what Big Ed does, it adds additional features to the built in TinyMCE editor that comes with WordPress.  It expands the abilities of the default editor, and adds some extra features that we’re very confident you’ll find incredibly useful.

And while that might sound innocent enough, wait until you see what it can do.

By default, the buttons you get with the WordPress editor look like this:-

And you can also then press the “Kitchen Sink” button to get some additional toolbar buttons:-

So that your toolbar would then look like this with the other buttons enabled:-

Now what happens when you install and activate Big Ed?

Well… You get to see this:-

You might have seen something like this before, and there are other plugins that do a similar thing, but we went a step further and added some very special formatting tools.

For instance, now you can add three new styles to your posts in the form of Johnson boxes, graphical bullets, and graphical separators.

First, here’s an example of one of the Johnson box styles you can add. We’ve included a selection in a mix of styles and widths, making 9 altogether. This isn’t a screenshot you’re looking at, this is the plugin in action and the text in this box is selectable – try it.

Next, how about some separators? There are 10 in 3 different widths making 30 altogether. Here are some examples…

First, Green Shade:-


Next, Dashed Blue:-


And now Dotted Red:-


Finally, how about some graphical bullets? There are 6 different bullet styles you can use.

  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.

And here’s another example of bullets.

  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.

And some more.

  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.
  • Bullet.


As I’m on good terms with my long term customers I tend to forget that new customers might not have Big Ed yet, and I’ve been reminded of that recently by emails from people who didn’t know they needed it, but it directly solves a problem they have.


I’ve decided to do two things.

First, run a 48 hour sale for Big Ed, and then secondly plan in some updates for v2 – I’ve got some good ideas of where to go with the changes (e.g. lots more built in graphics), but I’m always open to suggestions. Hint-hint.  🙄

(If you already have Big Ed then it’s currently at v1.1.2 and you can pick up the latest version from your personal download page.)

If you don’t yet have Big Ed, this is just for you.

Starting today at 6.00pm GMT I’m running a THIRTY COPIES ONLY sale for Big Ed at just $10.

This is the lowest price it will ever be as the regular price for the current version of Big Ed is $27, and when I release v2 I’ll put it up to $47. I will upgrade all owners of Big Ed to v2 at no charge.

For 48 hours or until all 20 copies are sold you can make a huge saving by snagging yours at just $10. It’s a bargain.

But only if you’re one of the few. When all copies are sold the sale will close so if you don’t already have it you need to be a bit sharpish as I expect them to go fairly quickly.

Just a word of warning though.

I typically don’t send out reminders once a sale has started (sometimes I do) and I shake my head when someone writes to me after the fact saying “please can I have it at the sale price?”

The answer is always no, full price or wait until I run another sale on it in 6-12 months time.

Don’t be that person. If you don’t have Big Ed, now’s your chance.

The 30 copies sale will go live at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) today, Wednesday 19th.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Being one of the 700 I am heartened to learn there will be V2. It is one of the suite of plugins I use on all my sites.

If my reading of “Hint-hint” is a plug for feedback/ideas I would lobby for two things:-

(i) out-of-the-box graphics with a range of smaller widths to provide for mobile market (perhaps 280px?). This would save having to mess around with editing the inbuilt graphics.

(ii) for licencing/rights options that allow for the plugin to be installed with a theme for client(s) and/or used on membership sites.

Kind regards,


Frank Haywood

Hi Chris,

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

(i) – Definitely more graphics are on the cards, and I think also [short-code-tag] support too as sometimes it’s a little easier to do it that way. Mobile though. I’m really glad I asked as I would have missed that completely if you hadn’t said. Thank you for putting me on the right track.

(ii) – Okay. Your wish has been commanded. 🙄 Consider it a done deal effective immediately. Big Ed now includes a developer licence plus client/flipper rights. I’ll put together a licence to include when distributing to clients and flipping blogs.



Big Ed is one of those plugins I install on every site. Not perfect but darn close. Doesn’t do too much. Just enough!

Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

Thank you! I’ll try not to add too much, just enough. 😉


Hi Frank

I don’t see the buy button

disgrunted customer

No buy button!

As there is no payment link I assume that you have sold out, pity!

Hi, I thought it was supposed to go on sale. I don’t see a purchase button

put wrong url.

There is no buy button?

Frank Haywood

Sorry everybody, I set the wrong date for the sale start (using the Content Replacement plugin) as I knew I wouldn’t be around. 🙄

I just sat down and saw it wasn’t there and had a face-palm moment. I suppose I’m allowed to get it wrong once in a while?

Ho-hum, dum-de-dum… 😉


I think, after having used this on every one of my sites since you first sold it, that the one thing I’d like to see, beyond more built in choices, is a way to use my own graphics for bullets and perhaps a default line spacing for bullets that is the same as the bullet size (not that it’s that difficult to change that afterwards)

If you do NOT have this already. Don’t even think twice about this. You will end up using this on every one of your sites. It’s one of those plugins that is automatically listed in my PG Get Plugins text file (which you should also get if you don’t have it)