Audio Blog – part 2

Audio available: [audio:2006-08-18_audio_blog_part_2.mp3]

Well, it’s been nearly a week now and I’ve had plenty of time to play with audio.  There have been a few new developments too – I’ve bought an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (WS-200S), plus a few accessories.  It’s very cool, and I’ll write a review of it soon.

In my last post, I said I was going to buy the Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer software, but I didn’t, instead I spent a few days playing with it.

I *did* make a donation to Martin Laine like I said I would, I thought £10.00 ($18.00) was a reasonable donation to make, and he’s written to me thanking me for it, which was nice of him.  If you use the software and find it useful, I strongly suggest you make a donation of some sort to show your appreciation.

Back to Acoustica.   Instead of buying the MP3 Audio Mixer, I today bought the (only slightly) more expensive Acoustica Mixcraft instead.  Although I may not need all of the additional features, it’s nice to know they’re there if I need them at a later date.

Acoustica have a deal on where if you buy Mixcraft on the same day you install it, you get $5.00 off.  So that’s what I did, I installed it, tried it out for an hour, and paid $34.95 which worked out as £19.03 at the current exchange rate.

It’s very similar to MP3 Audio Mixer, and just as easy to use, but does some additional clever things if you’re inclined.  Again I’ll write a review soon, but if you can’t wait for that, just nip along to their website and grab a copy, you’ll be glad you did.

Posted by Frank Haywood