I am. And I’m getting a little bit excited as I intend to earn a few commission payments from people who are buying their Christmas gifts online.

I’ve just purchased something that looks like it holds great promise, and I’ve already taken my first steps with it. The principle is both obvious, simple, and utterly brilliant.

Ideally I’d like to be able to test it all out before I told you about it, but really it’s just too late in the day to do so.

But never fear. I’ve spent some time looking over it all (just skimming so far), and I realise that no matter when this is implemented, if you follow the process, then it will work. I have no doubt about that.

The reason I have no doubt is because I did have doubts, and so I spent about 3 hours today looking at a few of the example sites, and examining their rankings and incoming links.

What I’ve found has made me very excited. These sites are ranking on page 1 of Google with just a few incoming links purely because they have ZERO competition.

The reason they have no competition is because it looks like this market has been almost completely overlooked.

And because it’s largely untapped (oh joy) is why I’m getting really worked up about the potential to earn some FAT commission cheques earned in the run up to Christmas.

So tomorrow I’m putting aside 4 hours to put together my first site based on the methods I’ve been learning about. This will include market research, domain registration, page optimisation, the lot. I may not bother with PPC initially until I know the site is converting using just free traffic.

I know that my next site should take me about an hour or so less, and that eventually I reckon I can get it down to under 2 hours.

You can bet that once I have the one up, it’s already pencilled into my plan to add two per day going all the way up to Christmas. If I can teach my 11 year old how to put them up, then I’ll have him doing them too, and also my wife.

In fact why stop at Christmas?

I can see that the methodology behind this is a true money earner all the year round. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that this will work, but I want to get the first site or two up before I give you any more detail about it.

If you’re not excited yourself, if you can’t feel my enthusiasm for this already, then you must be as jaded as I am.

Because… I was very wary after purchase, thinking I was buying yet another piece of junk. (We’ve all done it, right?)

This is far, far from it and I honestly wish I’d come up with this myself. I have a few experiments running at the moment, but this is better than anything I’ve come up with! Having said that, I know I can use a few of these methods in my own exercises too.

Cracking stuff.

Give me a day or two, and I’ll let you know how I’m getting on.

-Frank Haywood