Affiliate Scheme For TicketDesk Pro

I’ll be sending out an email about this shortly to all the owners of TicketDesk Pro (TDP), but I thought it might be a good idea to note it here first.

The affiliate scheme for TDP is now up and running and the first few people to spot it have already signed up.  We’re paying 50% commission on a $47 price tag at the moment, but we’ll be putting the price up within a couple of weeks to $67, and then after another couple of weeks or so to $97.

That means your commission payments will rise from $23.50 to $33.50, and finally $47.50 per sale.

And you know what?  Because TDP is such a great application, you can be proud to promote it.

I mention that because just the other day someone told me they were promoting something that they didn’t think was as good as a competitor product, but the product they were promoting paid out more commission so it made more sense to them.

Personally I don’t do that, but I know it happens all the time, and it’s one of the thing many new product owners miss the point of completely.  If you’re too cheap, you’ll get fewer affiliates promoting for you.  That’s one of the reasons you get super launches with everyone and his dog promoting trying to get their fat affiliate commission.

I digress. 🙂

Sign up for TDP, do a promotion to your own list, and watch them thank you for letting them know that the price is going up.

BTW, any ads I show on this site for my own products do NOT use my personal affiliate links, including the AdSpurt ads you see that are under test.

So if you’ve sent a prospect and got them cookied, and they later visit this site, your cookies will remain intact and so will your commissions when they buy.  My success is tied closely to yours, and I always want you to get full credit for everything you do.

And on that note, as I add my other scripts to the same affiliate system, the affiliate ID you get when you register for the TDP scheme will also work for the other products too, you just change the site URL.  So if your ID is 95467, you’d just use that same ID when linking to my other products.

That’s all coming soon.

(The exception to this is SmartDD, which is stuck on the old affiliate scheme for quite a while yet.)

There aren’t any promo tools available for TDP at the moment, just your affiliate link, but I’ll get some put together and put them on the affiliates page when they’re ready.

And here’s a special offer as I always like to have an offer of some kind.

If you make a sale of TDP using your affiliate link by the 15th October when I raise the price to $67, I’ll give you a copy of AdSpurt for free when I release it.

AdSpurt is a keyword driven advertising system for ClickBank, PayDotCom (and any other affiliate scheme) that will allow you to monetise any web site you have with content on it.  You can see some of the hover ads it generates here on this blog, but it will also auto generate plain old single underlined key word links too.

It also has some distinct advantages over other methods of advertising, but I’ll let the cat out of the bag on that another time.

TOMORROW I’ll also let you in on another method you can get a copy of AdSpurt for free too.  Watch out for that, as I think you’ll like what I’m going to tell you. 😉

Finally, here’s the link to sign up as an affiliate for TDP:-

Go sign up now while it’s fresh in your mind, and then see if you can win yourself a free copy of AdSpurt.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood