Offer Closed


Today Friday 30th December at 6.00pm I’m running a final pre-release sale for Affiliate Click Pal (ACP).

Yes I know some people reading this thought they’d never see the day, but ACP is finally done.  (Those people who purchased in the pre-order sale several months ago will now be able to go back to their download page later today and grab the first release version of the completed script.)

It’s a monster.

What started off as a fairly small but entirely useful *little* script that allowed you to unify all your sites through a single ClickBank account is now a HUGE MONSTER of a script that incorporates all sorts of related things.


It now has secure digital delivery – that wasn’t in the original plan.

It now creates secure order buttons for you – that wasn’t in the plan.

It has a built in autoresponder and broadcast mailer for both customers AND affiliates – that wasn’t in the plan.

It has built in integration with ImnicaMail, Aweber and Mailchimp – that wasn’t in the plan.

It now unifies multiple ClickBank accounts – that wasn’t in the plan.

It gives you full control over affiliates and their percentage commission via the use of multiple ClickBank accounts – that wasn’t in the plan.

It now uses secure download templates like SmartDD – that wasn’t in the plan.

Or you can optionally redirect buyers to a URL – that wasn’t in the plan.

It has a multi-level of granularity of control over both saleable items and affiliates – that wasn’t in the plan.

And there’s other stuff too.

I now look at this whole project and and I’ll openly say that my handling of it was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.  What I *should* have done is released the very small script that I originally promised and then built on it from there.

But what happened was I got the first small release version back and spotted a couple of minor issues with it, and then asked if we could just have this “one little thing” added to it…

And then this became a cycle for the next few weeks and eventually months.

The dang thing just got way bigger than I expected it to and I let it all get out of control.

I’m really sorry if you’re one of the people that bought this on pre-order expecting to get it a couple of weeks afterwards – I’ve apologised individually to people who’ve asked about it.

The good news is I’m *much* happier releasing this as it stands now than the original script I envisaged.  In fact the original script was planned to be very much like Easy Click Mate only better and at half the price.

Now it’s a much more well-endowed script that does some pretty cool stuff.

For example, just taking one of the key points from above.  Originally it was intended for you to be able to unify sales of multiple products across multiple sites through a single ClickBank account.  That alone would save you a small fortune in opening vendor accounts with ClickBank as you can now use the full 500 products available to an account but spread across lots of different sites.  Woohoo!

But then I realised that this meant that everything you sold would be at the same commission rate as it can only be done at the vendor account level.  What if you had some products you wanted to apply a 50% commission to, and others a 60% or 75% commission?  With ClickBank you can’t normally do that, so if you wanted to pay JV partners or super affiliates a higher rate of commission as a reward for promoting for you, it was impossible to do.

Until now.

Now you can open a second vendor account with ClickBank and set a different commission rate.  Then in ACP you specify that the item you’re selling should be linked to that vendor account instead and it all gets handled automatically.  You can also flip individual affiliates (or groups) between different commission rates any time you want to without them having to change their affiliate links.  😉

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running a final end-of-year sale and making ACP available for just $17.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is a $97 product given the development time and effort that’s gone into it.  If you don’t get it today, then in the new year it will go on sale for a month at $27 during the launch period, then $47 and finally $97.

Now’s your chance to get it at a massive discount at only $17.

-Frank Haywood

P.S.  In case you’re wondering, it’s NOT a WordPress plugin it’s a standalone script and so will need a touch more work to install as you have to create a database for it first.  It’s not hard to do (5 minutes or less) and well worth the little bit of one-off effort needed to centralise all your sales.