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With all the recent discussion about “cloud this” and “cloud that,” as well as my backup tutorials course, I thought this was an appropriate time to release Active Cloud Store.

The reason you want this plugin is to prevent those situations where you get told “I’ve lost my download, can you send me the link again please?”

Personally I’m quite organised in that respect, but I do know it’s a problem for some.  😉

What it does in a nutshell, is enable you to create download buttons for customers and clients to download files direct to their DropBox or Google Drive accounts.

Pretty cool eh? It gets better though.

It also optionally supports Amazon S3 to secure your downloadable files and prevent unauthorised downloads. There’s a little bit of tweaking you need to do to your Amazon S3 account to make this work, but it only takes a few moments and a copy and paste in your bucket rules.

You’ll also need to spend a few moments generating a DropBox app key, but this is also very easy to do and full instructions are provided on how to do it, plus there’s a link in the plugin admin that take you right to where you need to be.

What this all means is an additional convenience to your customers and clients so that they don’t “lose” their downloads on one of their hard drives. The files just go direct to their cloud storage and will then replicate on their desktop computers that have the DropBox or Google Drive software running.

I actually think that’s cooler than cool, but then that’s my propellor head in action. Ahem…

In case you didn’t know, you can get a free 2GB DropBox and also a free 15GB Google Drive, and run them both together at the same time on your computer, as well as any other cloud storage services you may have.

So a little bit of education for your customers will go a long way in this respect and could save you and them some headaches and time.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Joel Newton

Hi Frank,

My wife is taking me on a birthday outing this morning. Save me one of your $10 downloads, send me the email to send the payment and when we get back later this afternoon or evenng I will PayPal you the $10 for the Active Cloud Store Plugin.

Sounds like an answer to Web Site backup saving protocol.

Cheer, blessing, joy and peace.

Thank you,

Joel Newton
Clemson, SC 29631

Frank Haywood

Hi Joel,

Well happy birthday, and yeah sure, the price will be set to $10 for the first 48 hours, so I guess you’ll be back before then unless it’s a trip away for a few days? You should be fine.

Have a nice day. 🙂


Joel Newton

Thank you Frank!