Yesterday I gave you a little bit of the text leaked from my new subscriber offer.

The point of all this is to show you how you can make a BIG difference to your earnings online by making a small change to your procedures.

When someone signs up to one of your mailing lists for the first time, then they’re showing that they’re interested in you and what you have to say. (Let’s ignore lists that are there to keep customers up to date with new releases and bug fixes in software.)

The chances are, that right at that moment in time, their focus is very narrow. They’re looking to you for any help or advice in the field that they’re interested in.

So why not give them EXACTLY what they want?

I’m willing to bet that at the moment, you as an online marketer get new sign ups, but don’t make them a great offer when they sign up. But this is the perfect time to do that very thing.

They’re interested in you, they want to know what you have to say, and they’re very likely to change from a subscriber (a prospect) into a customer. The sooner you can get them to take that step, the better.

Any marketer will tell you that their long term profits come from long term customers.

If you can convert your new prospect into a customer as quickly as possible, not only are you making money immediately, you’re also guaranteeing that they will become a repeat customer later on.

The proviso is, that’s only true if you have an offer that both captures their imagination and is also a great deal too. If you can also make your offer hit any two of three “sweet spots”, you’re guaranteed a high rate of conversion.

What do I mean by “sweet spots”?

Well, whenever I buy anything it has to fall into one of three categories. Either it’s going to further my education, further my income, or make my life easier.

This offer you’re about to see does all three.

It’s taken me nearly four days of hard work to put it all together, you’ll be able to short circuit that and should be able to duplicate it with your own subscriber lists in an hour.

Okay, no more beating about the bush, here it is, enjoy it, and just make sure you take action on it, one way or the other.

-Frank Haywood