PLR Code Mine Is LIVE

This is incredibly exciting…  Your new source for PLR software is now LIVE! Membership numbers are restricted and for just 100 people, as my thank you for being a subscriber, the price is a rock bottom… Well, you can see … Continue reading

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Brand New PLR Software Site Pre-Launching Today

I’m very excited to be able to tell you that something I’ve been working on for several weeks now is finally coming to fruition. Last year I decided I wanted to help you get rid of your job and start … Continue reading

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PLR Software Of Your Own

I passionately believe that the best online business model is selling software. That’s because the perceived value of software compared to say an ebook is far higher. Well, after a few false starts, it looks like the new software PLR … Continue reading

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The 2010 Challenge

This coming year I’m going to help you in three ways.  At least. In response to a survey I did in the middle of last year, it seems there are three things that concern most people, so I’ve set myself … Continue reading

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Focus Your Efforts, And Watch Your Income Increase

Lots of people have trouble creating a product and then getting it all set up for sale. A lot of the time it’s because they get distracted and lose focus or even have a better idea and end up dropping … Continue reading

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