I’ve known about autoblogging for quite a while now, about 2-3 years I guess, but I’ve never done anything about it while spending a considerable amount of time learning a lot about it. Learning new stuff is great, but it’s … Continue reading

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The Power Of Price Comparisons

Two weeks ago, my wife put up a niche web site showing a number of comparative products within that niche. She used the automated Vendiva Price Comparison Service to show regularly updated prices for a number of different merchants, and … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Testing And Tracking

Do you test and track? Logically you may know you need to, but you may be a bit like I used to be where testing and tracking was the absolute last thing on my mind. I put it to you … Continue reading

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Choosing Keywords and Good Domain Names for IPK Sites

I’ve come up with a preliminary method of deciding which keywords and domains to register for IPK sites. Simply it’s the number of exact match search multiplied by the number of phrse match search, and then dividing it by the … Continue reading

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A Different WordPress Theme – Mandigo

I’ve been thinking of changing the theme on this blog. Yes we all need a bit of a change now and then don’t we? One of the themes I’ve been looking at is the Mandigo theme which is a free … Continue reading

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