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I’ve Just Deleted 100 Subscribers

While cleaning up my mailing lists using Awebers interface the other week, I spotted a bug which caused me to delete about 100 real subscribers from my blog notify list.  I’m sorry about that if you’re one of them, and if you haven’t received an email from me in the last week or so, that’s why.

The bug arises after you select to view unsubscribed leads, and then click to view 100 at a time.  You then click the button to mark all in view as deleted, and then save.  All fine up to then.

When the list comes back for the next lot of unsubscribed leads, instead of remembering you were viewing 100, it goes back to the default of 20.  So you click the button to view 100 again, and instead of it showing you 100 unsubscribed leads, it shows you 100 leads of any status.


So I didn’t notice that the first time I did it, and deleted 100 email addresses which were a mix of subscribed and unsubscribed, mostly subscribed.

I can’t be the only person who this has happened to, so just be a bit careful if you go through the same clean up exercise.

(BTW, did you know that the average email address on your mail list has a lifespan of 18 months?  People get fed up of all the spam and instead of dealing with it, they just open another email account.)

At this point I would usually promote Aweber and place my affiliate link here but in good conscience I’m afraid I can’t do that any more since they put their prices up.

Every cloud has a silver lining though.

Because Aweber have effectively removed themselves from the mass market, it opens the door for a really good self-hosted autoresponder.

Now Aweber have always said their deliverability rate is the best, and I’ve always agreed with them on that.  But there’s a new kid in town called – I’ve mentioned them a few times on this blog already.

The service that provide is email deliverability by using their SMTP servers.  And they’re cheap.

Like Aweber, they also work with ISPs to ensure email sent from their servers gets through network filters, and the nice thing is you can use their service either with your own email address, or with any script that uses SMTP.

SmartDD, TicketDesk Pro, the Instant Survey Script and the Nickel Script for instance.

Putting two and two together, if you have a really nice autoresponder script which does open rate and click tracking, why do you need an autoresponder service any more?

This is something I’ll be investigating over the next few weeks, and if I find a php based autoresponder script that pushes all my hot buttons, I’ll let you know.  If I don’t, then you can bet I’ll be adding that to my list of products.

-Frank Haywood

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SmartDD V3 – Offer Extended until 6pm Saturday

Sorry for not getting back here sooner, as you can imagine it’s been a little busy…

I”ve decided to take the evening off to spend some time with the family, so I’m going to let this “24 hour” offer run until 6pm Saturday.

Hopefully, by mid-day tomorrow we should have upgraded everyone that qualifies, or answered their support ticket.

Lots of the same questions, and maybe even a bug, but we’ll sort that one out after the excitement has died down.

Answers to the same questions then, as a series of points.

#1 – If you purchased after 1st March 2008, we will upgrade you manually. A lot of people have already been done, but there are still plenty to go. If you fall into this category, please don’t raise a support ticket yet, be patient, we’ll get there.

#2 – If you’ve taken one of my special offers to upgrade to v2 since 1st March 2008, then you *will* be upgraded to v3.

#3 – If a few days have passed and you believe you should have been upgraded but you haven’t, THEN raise a support ticket. 🙂 If you fall into one of the two categories above, ie you have v2 and it happened since the 1st March 2008, then there’s no argument, you’ll get v3.

(I never argue with people anyway, I only discuss or back off and don’t get involved. You can never win an argument, ever.)

#4 – If you have either a PRO1 or PAID or EBAY or WSO similar special offer membership and you purchased before 1st March 2008, then the upgrade is $17 and you can find a link to get it by logging on and clicking “Membership Downloads”.

#5 – If you have a FREE membership, then the full price stands which you can find inside the members area by clicking “Membership Downloads”. There is no $17 upgrade for FREE members.

Okay, I think that pretty much covers it and the bulk of the questions I’ve seen so far.


I’ve had quite a few people ask if there will be a special deal for FREE members to upgrade.  I did this for V2 and it seemed to go down well.  It won’t be quite as straight forward as just paying for the upgrade, I’ll be asking for a *little* more than that, but nothing too difficult.

Watch out for that in the next few days.

-Frank Haywood

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SmartDD V3 Now Released


SmartDD v3 is released. I hope you feel it was worth the wait.

But before you go racing off to the members area to upgrade, make sure to READ THIS first so you understand the implications.

#1 – If you purchased SmartDD on or since 1st March 2008, then you get the upgrade for free. Hopefully I can upgrade everybody over the next day or so. Please be patient.

#2 – If you purchased SmartDD before 1st March 2008, then for 24 hours it’s just $17.00, let’s say until 11.59pm GMT (6.59pm EST) Friday night.

#3 – After the time in #2, the price goes up to $27 to upgrade.

#4 – I’ve tried the most common possible combinations of purchasing and upgrading, and they work for me. It’s possible that someone will run into a problem. Please raise a support ticket at if you run into any issues. Again, please be patient.

Okay, now I know that one of the burning questions will be “what feature did you add in that delayed release by yet another week?”

Answer – ClickBank!

The four most requested features were free sign ups, one time offers,, and ClickBank support, and we’ve done all four. A close fifth was memberships and subscription functionality – we’re going to try and get those in before Christmas. It will be a 3.x release, so any V3 members / owners will get those for free.

Finally, and I know I’m going to get panned for this…

Because we added in ClickBank support at the 11th hour, I suspended the docs as things look a little different now. I’ve had to junk a lot of my screen shots, and it means I’ll have to do them all again. Please be patient while I finish off the docs.

YES, I will do them this time!

Over the next 72 hours, I’ll create a decent set of videos running over each of the main new areas of functionality that have been missing up to now, or are new.

So that’s:-

#1 – The web store and the three built in templates.
#2 – Using and creating templates.
#3 – Kunaki.
#4 – Free sign ups with Aweber as the example.
#5 – One time offers.
#6 – ClickBank – easy that one.

In fact, using ClickBank is as simple as adding a new publisher ID, creating an item and then selecting ClickBank on the button code generator screen, and finally copying and pasting the code onto your sales page.

SmartDD does the rest as usual.

You know what? I think you should be able to work out how some of it works just by taking a guess at it. Only the web store and the templates aren’t so obvious, although it’s easy to get to grips with once you’ve been shown how.

Okay, that’s it for now. You have until this time (ish) tomorrow to upgrade to V3 at the reduced price of $17.

-Frank Haywood

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A New Product Every Week

Just about 12 months ago, I did my “7 Products In 7 Days” exercise – I only managed 3, but I still class it as a success.

I think it’s time to do something similar again on the product creation front.

But instead of pushing myself to do a product a day for 7 days, I think I might set myself a target of a product every 2 weeks or if I can keep up (and why not?) every week.  The products will include *everything* – that’s the product itself, the sales copy, the autoresponder set up and the sales and delivery software needed to do it all set up.

This is easily attainable and I can see myself getting in front after a month with 3 or 4 products ready.

The way I see it, I can break it down into timed chunks and set myself a timetable for when everything has to be done.  Product creation time will vary depending on the product, but things like sales copy and software set up should be fairly constant.

Some products will be freebie list builders, and others will be items I charge for.  Some will be created from scratch, and others will be based on PLR.  I don’t think you’ll be able to tell the difference when I’ve finished with them.

I have plenty of almost completed products on my hard drive.  I don’t know about you, but I suffer from getting 80% done and then grinding to a halt.

How about one of the first products being a breakdown of how to create a product, and all the little tasks that need to be done?

I usually do these things off the top of my head as I go, but I think it’s about time I had a system in place so that I don’t have to think too hard about it all.  You know, step 1 do this, step 2 do that.

And I fancy creating a mind map of it all too – I’ve never done that before, so that should be interesting in itself.

If you don’t know what a mind map is, it’s a method of dumping all the knowledge in your head on a particular subject into a useful usable format.  You can then use the map to complete a task such as writing a book, or creating sales copy or even creating a process.

I’ve even seen mind maps that are products in their own right.

There’s a free mind mapping tool called Free Mind (plenty of explanation and screen shots) that I think I’ll use to do that job, and I’ll let you know how I get on.

So let’s say starting 1st November, I’ll document each day here on my blog how I’m getting on with my product creation and set up.  A sort of a day in the life…

I know you’ll find it interesting.  😉

The important thing in this is YOU realising that I’m not the only one who can do this kind of thing – you can do it too.  Maybe watch me first and it will give you an idea of how to go about it yourself.

-Frank Haywood

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SmartDD V3 – looking like October 23rd

Renowned for putting dates back, I’ve done it again.

We’ve decided to go ahead and add this one last feature.  I’m positive you’ll say I did the right thing when you see what it is.

Paul said that Monday 20th was a bit of a tall order as we’ll have to do new screen shots to show the new feature, and I conceded he was right and decided that’s what we’ll do.  He’ll be finishing the coding tomorrow (Sunday) which will give us time to test and document.

As an aside, I’m almost sorry I went with JVM1 now to manage all my products through a central location as I now feel SmartDD in conjunction with JROX JAM would have achieved the same thing, only better.  (Maybe it’s not too late to change my mind, I’ll have to think long and hard about that one though…)

Anyway, partly as a result of moving SmartDD v3, I’ve also decided to put the release date of AdSpurt back until the 6th November to give me and my new JV Manager time to contact some more partners before launch.

If you went for the CB Ad Rotator deal on AdSpurt, don’t worry, you’ll get it in a couple of days or so.  How does Tuesday sound?  🙂

-Frank Haywood

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