Malware Time

One of the PCs I use day to day is infected with some malware.  *sigh* This means there may be a slight delay while I first attempt to clean it up and then finally decide that re-installing is the only … Continue reading

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SmartDD v3 Videos

The first of the new SmartDD videos are up. I apologise for the delay in doing this, it was because of some reported bugs that it now looks like we’ve completely cleared (so far).  Those bugs were:- #1 – A … Continue reading

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SmartDD V3 – A Few Bugs

Well, we knew it was inevitable.  There’s a LOT of code in SmartDD v3 and so we would have been surprised if there wasn’t a single bug when we released it. We’ve fixed the two reported now, and also spotted … Continue reading

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Why would anyone NOT want help from me? I’ve offered on several occasions to take a look at what people are doing in their internet business that isn’t working for them, and on every occasion except for one, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Annoying Plugins

Have you ever wondered why your blog sometimes takes ages to draw? I came across a blog the other day that used some strange sounding plugin name, and the plugin for some reason relied on connecting to the publishers site … Continue reading

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