Subscriber Offer Follow Up

I just checked and I’m really pleased to say that the subscriber offer I put up yesterday is converting at just 6% – actually 6.38% to be precise. It really makes my day when I see so many people who … Continue reading

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A Little Thing That Will Make a BIG Difference

When someone signs up to one of your mailing lists for the first time, then they’re showing that they’re interested in you and what you have to say. (Let’s ignore lists that are there to keep customers up to date with new releases and bug fixes in software.)

The chances are, that right at that moment in time, their focus is very narrow. They’re looking to you for any help or advice in the field that they’re interested in.

So why not give them EXACTLY what they want?

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This Leaked Text Will Upset You, But…

Assuming you can grow your mailing list by a modest 300 new subscribers per month (if not I’ll explain how to do that and more shortly), and that you make all your new subscribers a great special offer that sells for $67.

With a typical 1% conversion rate, you could earn:-

3 sales at $67 = $201 / month
$201 x 12 months = $2,412 / year

For just a few hours work that you did ONCE, you’ve added $2,412 / year to your income. Every year.

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When Things Go Wrong

Every so often even though you take all precautions, things go wrong. Like my subscriber special offer you can use in your own internet business which was going to be released this last week. I spent several hours on the … Continue reading

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