Does Your Email Work?

If you have (or have aspirations for) an internet business, then for goodness sake, treat it with respect. Treat it like a business.

If you have friends you want to send the latest chain mail, then by all means use Yahoo or your ISPs email account. It’s non-critical right?

It doesn’t matter if your friend doesn’t receive it. (He won’t because it’ll be filtered out on the network).

But if you’re doing business, then use a business email address off one of your own domains.

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Do Marketing Forums Tend To Polarise People?

After a lot of thought, I realised the other day while talking to one of my coaching students that marketing forums tend to have two kinds of people in them.

Type 1 – People who offer dubious but convincing sounding advice, but have no real success online, and so aren’t really qualified to give the advice, they’re just regurgitating.

Type 2 – People who are successful online and who are giving usually good advice, but are primarily using the forum to market to everyone else in subtle ways. Continue reading

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Check This Out

Check This Out:- -Frank Haywood

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Help Desk Software For Less Than $2

…the primary reason I’m moving to a support desk is that email is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver.

As I said in a post this morning, I’m getting an increasing number of “second request:” emails from people. This is nearly always because they haven’t received my reply to their first email.

The system sends out emails, but even if the customer doesn’t receive the emails and wonders what’s going on, the answer will still be there in the support thread.

So the line of communication between me and my customer (or *you* and *your* customer) isn’t cut off. Continue reading

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Want Your Internet Business To Be Taken Seriously?

I get more than I want proposals for joint ventures, and a decent proportion of those are from supposed business people who aren’t using email addresses off their business domain.

That one thing is so simple to do, and instantly enhances your credibility. It also ensures that if a reply is made, that you’ll get it.

I’ve no idea of the number of bounces I’ve had replying to questions by my customers and potential customers. I also know there’s a high proportion of people who never get my first email, because I get plenty of “Second Request:” emails from people who didn’t get my initial reply. Continue reading

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