What’s The Difference Between MLM and Pyramid?

MLM and Pyramid are at first glance similar. The difference is with pyramid it’s1) illegal in most developed countries, 2) it’s immoral (IMO), 3) the sole source of income with pyramid is the recruiting of new members who pay a … Continue reading

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DHL and Staples in Pricing Cock-up

My wife and I sell various items online, one of those being glow sticks to the UK market only, although we’re closing that side of the business down and are currently running out our stock. We normally ship larger orders … Continue reading

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All change

I woke up this morning and I didn’t like what I’d done.  So I’ve decided to go with the much more business-like Semiologic Theme.  Probably at some point I’ll upgrade to the pro package, but this is pretty good for … Continue reading

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I got the blog up and running and actually looking and working how I want it, all apart from one little graphical glitch.  Not bad for a couple of hours work.

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